Beef Bourguignon, My Way

Bonjour! Lately, we are drinking and enjoying many Italian and French wines and it is inspiring me to cook with wine and pair wine and food. I have wanted to make Beef Bourguignon for a while, so when we tasted a beautiful Bourgogne Pinot Noir I decided it was the perfect wine to use in Beef Bourguignon. It was a cold Saturday and I did not have every item I needed to make this dish, but I was determined to make it work. Please excuse me for not sticking to the traditional method, but I do plan to make it again using the complete traditional ingredients. Continue reading “Beef Bourguignon, My Way”

Spicy Israeli Couscous Mushroom Pilaf with Shrimp

I’ve come to embrace how structural I am. I love planning everything in advance. I do need to be more spontaneous and I’m working on that, but I do think being organized and planning ahead really helps get your life in order and maximizes what little time we have after working hours. I love planning everything in advance from seasonal house chores to weeknight meals. Usually on weeknights we have specific meal themes. For example, Mondays are usually vegetarian nights, Tuesdays are usually taco nights or something Tex-Mex, Wednesdays are usually seafood nights and Thursdays are either clean out the refrigerator and put something unique together or leftover nights. Fridays are generally reserved for takeout or eating out, and of course weekends are usually for more time consuming culinary meals. Of course, this is not set in stone and there are times we just change things around or do something completely different.
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