Gin & Elderflower Cordial

The other day we wanted to have a light and refreshing drink to remind us of warmer days when we sat outside and enjoyed fresh air and the scents from our herb garden, so we decided to try a new recipe that we call Gin & Elderflower Cordial. First, when it comes to gin we just love Hendrick’s Gin as it is more mild, floral and aromatic. It works really well in any gin cocktail and it can blend well with other liquors as it is not too strong in juniper taste. For this cocktail, we blended gin with elderflower cordial, lemon juice and orange bitters. I find that when you make new drink recipes, you need to keep adjusting your sweet to sour ratio until you have it balanced the way you prefer. For us, the elderflower cordial in this recipe is sweet enough by itself so there is no need to add any additional sweetener to balance the flavors. The orange bitters add a nice bold, herbaceous and zesty note to the drink. Here’s the recipe. Hope you enjoy making and savoring this drink!

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