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Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Spice & Spirits!

Here, I am documenting my recipes and other delights and sharing with those who are interested. To me, food is not just for nourishment of the body. It is a way to show love, make memories, share traditions and experiences, make connections and nourish the soul. Hope you enjoy the experience!

Here is a little about me…I grew up eating flavorful and spicy dishes and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, so naturally that has been part of my typical diet to this day. You could say that my cooking journey started in my grandmother’s kitchen when I was very young . My grandmother was a great cook who had to feed many people on daily basis and it was exciting watching her cook gigantic dishes adding ingredients and seasonings without measurements and the food always tasted perfect and balanced. As I started college, I started reminiscing my grandmother’s cooking, therefore, I started teaching myself cooking from memory and several cookbooks. After a while, I started altering and innovating new recipes as I felt more confident in my skills. I certainly do not feel that I have grasp of cooking knowledge as there is just so much to learn, but I find it an enjoyable challenge. Also, it so gratifying having family and friends who enjoy and love trying my recipes.

I love pretty much all wholesome food from bacon to vegetables, and of course all spices as they enhance food and life. I love wine and  trying as many different kinds as I can. I delight in learning how to utilize them in cooking and pairing them with food, and just enjoying a glass or two. I love amari, appreciate all spirits, and relish trying cocktails of any kind depending on the season and mood. I truly enjoy experimenting with food and cocktail recipes. I savor spending time with my husband and it is fun having him as the taste tester, and I believe he enjoys this task as well. Aside from cooking, I enjoy reading, listening to music, sketching, walking, yoga, Martial Arts, and meditation. Finally, I am also a bit of clean freak and I love making my own cleaning products without the harsh chemical compounds and odors.

Hope you enjoy cooking and food adventures with me 🙂

Cheers to spicing up your life and savoring every moment!